Who am I?


I am a leader, project manager, business development consultant, and strategy advisor passionate about helping enterprises to do a successful and real transformation by defining and connecting vision, strategy and goals with business units, business processes, and people; and then launching the digital transformation journey.

Why I am writing this?


ERP projects have many challenges that need to be managed, they are different from the environment to another and from country to another, here, I am writing about the challenges in ERP implementations in Saudi Arabia and the gulf area.

During my past 20+ years in ERP business and still, I faced a lot of challenges in ERP implementations, dealing with people, the balance between revenue, expenses, quality and risk, I will share such experience with you, and I hope these tips can help  you succeed in your business journey,


Also, I will share other topics about different subjects in Sales, Management, business, social and life which I learned from my past experience.


How can I help?


If you are about to start new business solution project or thinking to expand your existing one or you are facing challenges in business during your success journey then you may need to read my blogs to help you reach fast to your goals or you may contact me for help, it will be my pleasure serving you.

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"Tips to garantee success In ERP Business Solutions Projects" 

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